On Saturday, the day after the garage sales, I had the lovely task of finding a place for all of my loot to reside. I ended up doing a bunch of cleaning at the same time. I loathe cleaning, but *sigh* it has to be done. I put away the HUGE mountain of clothes on the floor of my room, went through my drawers and bagged stuff up to be taken away, vacuumed, sorted through the piles of fabric and junk in the sewing room, and cleaned up my little sewing area. It used to be all organized and cute, but after stashing many projects behind my machine, and letting the dust pile up, it had come to some ruin.

Now that everything is nice and neat and I found a home there for a few of my new garage sale finds, I thought I would share a some photos. The lovely glass jars with brass and copper bands are some of my favorites pieces that I brought back from the sales. If I remember correctly, I paid $1.50 for the set. 😀 You’ve seen the pincushion before, but now it is in action. The doll was made by my momma and the tag hanging from the largest jar was handmade by me. It’s a luggage tag for the trip I’ll be taking next week. I’m going to LasVegas for work, where I’ll be looking through clothing and accessories for two whole days! *Bliss*

Some of my velvet strawberries, in new colors that will be making their way to the shoppe soon!

Part of my vintage button stash. 🙂 I had them hidden away in drawers, but it’s much more fun to look at them everyday while I’m sewing.

Wonderful laces and trims that I bought online and wrapped around vintage spools.

My favorite chair; it’s actually my mom’s chair, but I snagged it from her serging space. 😉

I was inspired to decorate my space a bit after buying the latest copy of Where Women Create. It’s wonderful!

I started a new job today. It’s just part-time at a local variety store, but since I want to continue all of my crafting pursuits, that’s all I really have time for. I think this place is a better fit than when I worked at the convenience store near my home. That was just too stressful and time-consuming. Besides, I hate carding people, smelling like french fries every day when I come home, and wearing basically the same shirt four to five days a week. To top it off, craft supplies inspire me and this place is full of them. So, yeah………….I like it there so far. And I get to use the price sticker gun (with which I’m obsessed). 😉

Besides gabbing about my new job, I want to share a video that my sister made. It’s a bunch of clips of my crunchy-crunch cousin Ellie + me and my sisters. They usually take tons of photos and videos when she visits, and this music video puts them all together to a song from Napoleon Dynamite. It’s kind of our theme song. So here goes………………..Amanda did a great job on this!