The second most asked question aside from what’s under the kilt is why the skirt?

Only a few shall know the answer to that but before we started walking, I made a west coast wish list that includes a tee time at Pebble Beach and a tattoo of Murphy in LA and also on that list was a UtiliKilt  since they’re both in Seattle and the gold standard of kilts.

Our dear friend and fellow pupper Valerie sent them an email and without hesitation, they donated a kilt to the cause. And not just any kilt.  It’s the Survivor model and it’s their top of the line replete with pockets and pockets within pockets to satisfy the needs of any wayfaring adventurer.
Thanks to Stephan (that’s him in the pic to the right) and Darius, and while it’s a great honor to wear a UtiliKilt, the week since I was outfitted, the only downside is I don’t want to get it dirty which is kinda ironic. And unscotsman of me…