For your viewing pleasure, a couple of fun treasuries that I found on Etsy. The first one includes one of my felt umbrellas! This is my first time being included in anyone’s directory/blog and I’m so excited about it!

Leah Sutton’s Treasury –Take a peek at my umbrella, please
Tresijas’s Treasury –Fun circus theme with red an blue colors. This one is so crunchy and inspirational…… least to me.
While browsing the treasuries, I also found this cute shoppe: Pizpireta
I like the old-fashioned, yet unique and quirky designs. 🙂

Here are a couple of darling little umbrellas that I found on Modcloth. And you all know my weakness for umbrellas……………..*wink*

Vanilla Skies Parasol

Strawberry Shortcake Umbrella

Umbrella Love. I’m obessing over umbrellas………and want to share some of my favorite pics of them………..all found on Etsy. Umbrellas make me happy.