Another sneek peek of what’s coming to the shoppe…………

I LOVE velvet! Velvet fabric, velvet dresses, velvet jackets, velvet hats, velvet ribbon and velvet strawberries (to name just a few). 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot about velvet leaves and strawberries off and on…… the urge for them comes and goes. One day I might be thinking about making a hat. And, “oh, velvet strawberries would look delicious on a hat!”. Or I might be searching Etsy and happen upon a vintage bag with velvet strawberries. “Oh, how pretty. I should make something like that.” So, recently I noticed these lovelies on Etsy at WispsGathering Beauty. I really, really love them, but I thought, “Why pay for these when I can make them myself?”

Enter my first attempt at velvet strawberry making!

I really love the way this one turned out. I used a piece of GORGEOUS (the prettiest I’ve seen) crushed pink velvet that I’d been hoarding for quite some time. I had originally gotten it to make a jacket for a doll, but since I’m more into little random oddities these days, I figured it would never end up as a jacket anyway.

The strawberry greens are made of wool felt, since I was afraid that green velvet might fray and look messy. Besides, felt is so easy to work with and I think it looks really nice paired with the velvet.

Most of the velvet strawberries I see out there have white seeds, but I prefer the black, as they’re closer to the color of the real thing. I am running very low on the black seed beads, though, so the following strawberries might have to conform to the trends. 😉

I hope you enjoyed viewing my lovely strawberry. 🙂 I enjoyed making it and love the outcome so much, that I’ve cut out 24+ more strawberries that will hopefully make their way to my shoppe in the near future. Wish me luck, as I never seem to finish what I start. 😉 This time will be different…………

ps. I’m still loving those vintage strawberries……….I may just crack………… 😉