Well, I finally broke down and bought an adorable pair of handmade shoes from Etsy. I’ve been eyeing the shoes at three different shops for a while now, although the one I ended up purchasing from was actually a very recent find via the front page. 😉 I started admiring and thinking about the unique shoes from HydraHeart first, but after reading some of the feedback, I wasn’t quite confident enough to buy a pair. Also, the toes on their shoes are SO short…….which would be adorable if you have a smaller foot/toe area than I do. 😉
The shoes from SmartFish are really cool, and some of them are even embellished, but they are too far out of my price range.
So I decided to buy a pair from TheGeneration, my newest find. The shoes were reasonably priced, even if it is more than I normally spend, and they are SO cute! They had great feedback saying how comfortable and cute the shoes were, and how well they fit. I can’t wait until mine come, but it will probably take a month or so before they’re finished and on their way. That’s alright…..it will give me something to look forward to. Once they come I can blog my own photos and give a full report. So far I give TheGeneration an A+ for cuteness, perfect communication, and reasonable price. Plus she was even willing to work with me for a different size than is normally offered; I wear a size 11. 😉

This is the style I purchased:

And this is the color: pretty, muted lime green. 🙂 I think this color will go well with most of my outfits.