Take a peek at this great video from Etsy. Dottie Angel is one of my very favorite Etsians and bloggers……….love her house, style and art. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this little peek into her life as much as I have. And if you do……check out her blog and shoppe:


Well, this is my first post about me in a while. 😉 I have been busy with Umbrella Ave. and work, even though very neglectful of the poor little blog. I hope you’ll all forgive me when I show you some peeks at what I’ve been working on. I’ve decided to add a new line of miniature stuffed animals to my shoppe. They won’t premiere until the art show in November (wait………I didn’t post about the art show?…….wow, I really have been neglectful), but I want to show a few photos here. These are only progress shots of my newest stuffie addition, but you can see the other animals I’ve made in the last photo. These will be sold separately in little jars with lids. The inspiration came from the last issue of Where Women Create, which I will try to post photos of next week. Don’t hold your breathe, though. I would hate for anyone to pass out while waiting for me to get in gear. 😉

Lovely spools of thread which were used in my new line of embroidered footwear art.

(see last photo)

Cluttered workspace

The stuffies are completely sewn by hand with reproduction fabrics!

3 new lines: Owl-themed mirror necklaces, Vintage Stuffies & embroidered footwear art


I love these dresses by Michelle Tan. They have such nice darts and curves. The pleats on the green dress are really flattering. 😀

My featured seller for the week is dragonhouseofyuen. What funky, fabric animal sculptures! They would be so retro/mod hanging from a Christmas tree, strung on a piece of twine and hung around a window, or just sitting on your dresser. Btw……I just love how the artist community calls these “sculptures” now instead of plain old stuffed animals. It fits them better, since these really are pieces of art and not cheap children’s toys.

My favorite sculptures here are the squirrels, but there are so many different styles and patterns to choose from, that you’ll have to stop by the shop and decide for yourself. 🙂
Excerpt from dragonhouseofyuen’s profile page:
“Annette Tait of Dragon House of Yuen
I grew up in Zambia, the Highlands of Scotland and Outback Australia surrounded by animals. I am inspired by nature and have a great love of all animals. My art is animal oriented and comes from the heart. All my work is originals and has been designed and created by me. (Please see)My fine art website: www.dragonhouseofyuen.co.uk


I love owls. Retro owls, mostly, with bright colors in orange, brown, & green, etc. So I thought it would be fun to post a bunch of them that I found on Etsy. Enjoy! 🙂












One of my favorite prints of Emily’s. 🙂


I’d like to share my second apron order since the one I first made for myself several months ago. This one was designed around the vintage handkerchiefs given to me by the child’s mother. I was able to use pieces of the same hankies, both on the child’s apron and also on the matching American Girl apron. Aren’t they cute? And I think that I found the perfect fabric to match the handkerchiefs. When I bought the fabric at Hancock’s, I didn’t know if it would match or not……….but look how nice it turned out! I used handmade bias tape on the edges to give this apron a different look, and switched the placement of the pockets around. Another new thing for me was the creation of several yo-yo’s for each apron. Yo-yo’s have been my most hated embellishment in times past, but I have recently acquired a love for them via Etsy. 🙂 I think they add the perfect vibe to these retro aprons!
All of the buttons on both aprons are vintage, as are the hankies (supplied by the customer). Everything else was store-bought, but it all blends in quite nicely with the whole retro-vintage feel.
The photos don’t do these two justice, but……………
Thanks for taking a peek! 🙂
Click for larger photos!
Child’s Apron:

Doll’s Apron:


Cute Little Dresses That I’d Like to Wear
These images all come to you curtesy of Modcloth.com

This is one of my favorites, even though I’m not usually a big fan of the nautical style.

This one would be easy enough to make……….

I have a thing for pencil dresses right now. *sigh*

Old fashioned, dressy-dress that reminds me of my Grandma. I like it. 🙂

Perfection. There’s nothing else to say.

Here are a couple of darling little umbrellas that I found on Modcloth. And you all know my weakness for umbrellas……………..*wink*

Vanilla Skies Parasol

Strawberry Shortcake Umbrella

Etsian of the Week
During my recent Etsy browsing, I came across this simply lovely and quaint little shop. I ADORE her designs, incorporating old hankies, laces and fabrics into precious little things for home or yourself. These few photos have inspired me to go make a placemat for my bedside table! Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do, and that you check out her shop where you’ll find many more lovely treasures.

“rita summer apron wrap”
nellie wake up and love me” placemat

“do you know what I’m thinking” placemat

“flossie face me” cushion
I really love this photo! Look at all of the neat laces hanging behind, as well as the collage box? underneath.

“mabel might I have a moment” cushion

“celia should but she won’t” slip

“ada pesky squirrel” dishtowel in green

Neat pic 🙂

Here are two little lovelies that I just had to share.
You can click on either photo for a close-up. 🙂
Blooming Apple Blossoms and a Pale Moon

I thought the scene of our beautiful blooming apple tree with a pale moon behind, was just so enchanting that I had to snap a photo yesterday evening. The only problem with this pic is that you can see the road and telephone wires behind. But there’s no way around those. 😉
I just love spring time and the beauties all around me. God really knew what He was doing when He said “Let there be………”


This magazine photo is just the best! I love the contrasting deep blue and light green colors, the awesome vintagy wallpaper in the entry way, cozy book shelves and hat boxes stacked above the door, as well as the amazing ceiling. The wood floors and retro orange couch are perfect, too. I want my house to look like this someday — cozy and homey.