Hi all! I’m back! I can’t believe that April is already half over………..but that’s what happens when you’re sick for two weeks. My ear has stopped torturing me, although I cannot hear out of it very well, and there’s a perpetual pounding going on inside. No pain………..just noise. But at least I’m up and around again, and working on some projects. I made a little ipod cozy the other day. It’s sized for the Shuffle and is pretty cute, but still needs some tweaking. Another project that’s in the works is a new Etsy shoppe. I’ve been putting together some of the items I want to sell (very slowly) and also the clip art, etc. for packaging and banners. That is going pretty well. Be on the lookout for the opening of Umbrella Ave. in the coming months!

I’m pretty tired out tonight from cleaning this afternoon. I seem to get tired more easily lately………..part of the recovery process I guess. Our pastor and his family are coming for a farewell dinner this weekend and we are in the midst of preparations. Then my sister April will be having her sweet sixteen party the weekend after that. And about a week later it will be Alayna’s 13th. So yeah, there’s a lot going on. Not to mention I still have not made their gifts. I’m a very last minute sort of person, which drives my mom crazy sometimes. 😉

I guess I’ll settle down now and watch this week’s episode of LOST, which I taped. I am obsessed with this show and I can’t wait to see what happened this week! I’ll try to keep my little blog updated, so be sure to check back again. 🙂