When I went to the Magic Show in Vegas last month, I noticed a lot of rain boots in the Platform {footwear} section. Most them sported cute, colorful, floral motifs and were lined in some kind of faux sherpa. I fell in love. And started thinking that this type of shoe would be a perfect {and adorable} investment for the coming winter. I’ve heard that this year is supposed to have even more “muchness” than last……….and maybe it’s just me, but I thought last year was BAD. With the kind of winters we’ve been having here, a nice, tall pair of waterproof boots wouldn’t be so bad. Not to mention if they were lined in some kind of cozy warmness. 🙂 So I began to scour the internet for the perfect pair. I had some trouble at first, but finally found this great site: http://www.womensboots.com/
Following are some of my favorite pairs…… the ones I’m considering come my next paycheck. Or maybe the one after that. 😉 Since my recent shopping trip, I believe the next paycheck is already spoken for.

Cute, but simple. Probably at the bottom of my list.

This pair is currently toward the top of my list. I love the colors, design and especially the sweater cuff. 🙂

Again, cute, but probably too simple. I like the top pair better……

Such a fun, Japanese-ish print! I could imagine wearing these. If only they had a sweater cuff.

Okay, it’s between the sweater cuff, this {darling} pair and the cityscape boots.

Boot liner. This is a great idea because most of the boots listed here and anywhere I could find, were NOT lined in something warm, as they were at Platform. These look wonderful. But I haven’t quite figured out if they will work with all boots, or only this specific brand. :/
Which pair would you choose? Feedback anyone? 😀

Here are a couple of darling little umbrellas that I found on Modcloth. And you all know my weakness for umbrellas……………..*wink*

Vanilla Skies Parasol

Strawberry Shortcake Umbrella