Today I felt like sharing the beautiful photography & photo editing skills of Flickr artist, .bella. I can’t seem to figure out how to post them here, but you can just click on the links below for my favorites. Enjoy!

Outtake — Although why it’s an outtake, I don’t know…….it’s gorgeous!

Colour Me Happy — Just fantastic use of black and white + color……..and I love autumn. 🙂

Do You Believe In Magic? — Very cool editing work, not to mention a beautiful girl.

Traffic In The Sky — So relaxing and just crunchy cozy.

Friendship — My favorite. Just look at those amazing clouds! They can’t all be real?

Unnamed — I just like everything about this shot. Very romantic.

Yesterday I ventured outside to take some snapshots of myself. I needed some pics of me wearing the new brooches I made for Umbrella Ave, and I was in the mood for a photo shoot. It was my first time taking self portraits, and let me tell you……’s a lot of work! I’m sure that if anyone had happened to see me, they would have been laughing at the comical sight.

Step 1. Position camera and hit timer button
Step 2. Run across the yard at top speed and pose for a few seconds
Step 3. Run back across the yard and view photo

Step 4. Repeat. Several times.

So, pair that activity with the HORRIBLE wind, and it was a very exhausting photo shoot. But here are a few pics that turned out pretty well. 🙂

Here’s a vintage looking number:

My favorite tree branch; all twisty and curvy
My favorite spot
Anica did not want to be in this picture, haha!

Looking into a room full of windows