Well, this is my first post about me in a while. 😉 I have been busy with Umbrella Ave. and work, even though very neglectful of the poor little blog. I hope you’ll all forgive me when I show you some peeks at what I’ve been working on. I’ve decided to add a new line of miniature stuffed animals to my shoppe. They won’t premiere until the art show in November (wait………I didn’t post about the art show?…….wow, I really have been neglectful), but I want to show a few photos here. These are only progress shots of my newest stuffie addition, but you can see the other animals I’ve made in the last photo. These will be sold separately in little jars with lids. The inspiration came from the last issue of Where Women Create, which I will try to post photos of next week. Don’t hold your breathe, though. I would hate for anyone to pass out while waiting for me to get in gear. 😉

Lovely spools of thread which were used in my new line of embroidered footwear art.

(see last photo)

Cluttered workspace

The stuffies are completely sewn by hand with reproduction fabrics!

3 new lines: Owl-themed mirror necklaces, Vintage Stuffies & embroidered footwear art


Today a friend sent me a link to some new jewelry on Urban Outfitters and it sparked a jewelry hunting spree. Most of the photos below are courtesy of Anthropologie, but there are a few from Urban Outfitters’ lovely line, Calourette. So please scroll through and enjoy the eye candy and if you like what you see, head on over to one of their sites. There are some really great do-it-yourself ideas here, as well, and you may see a few of them make their way back in the form of handmade projects.

This one reminded me of my friend Megan

This one would be fun to try……..I have a lot of fabric scraps that would work perfectly for this.

I love knotted jewelry

I like the trend of ditching regular old fasteners and using things like lace, elastic and ribbon instead. I have some great cluny laces that would be perfect for this.


What a quirky little piece of jewelry! I love this photo, too. 🙂

Fabric covered beads…….

These remind me of tiny little bib necklaces added to a larger piece.

Lovely little rosettes on a simple chain

More rosettes…….

Beautiful photo…….

This is a neat floral idea……..

The following pieces are all from the Calourette line at Urban Outfitters:

I’m not crazy about the jewels, but really love the whole nautical knotted movement. So cute!

When I came across this adorable necklace last week, I thought, “Wow, that’s neat!” I had been in the mood to try wearing a necktie because I think they’re adorable and interest-sparking fashion accessories……..but I hadn’t quite decided whether one would look (or feel) right on me. So this seemed like the perfect compromise; fashion forward and boyish, yet with a feminine touch.

{So I shamelessly copied}

I really love the way this fabric looks with the skirt I just finished making (more on that later……) and I was trying to find a way to incorporate it into the finished outfit…………..this was the perfect solution. 😀 I have another fabric that would look great with the skirt, too. Maybe another necktie necklace is is order.

A photo of the back because I think it looks cool. 😉

“Fly Away With Me” necklace by YellowGoat

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These gorgeous necklaces speak for themselves……. all made from linen thread and handsewn silk flowers. Very labor intensive, I’m sure………..and utterly Be-a-u-ti-ful!!!
View more fantastic pieces here: www.magdalinen.etsy.com
wow, wow, wow!

And one of my favorites………