Let’s keep it real for a second, shall we? Babies are amazing. Little glowing, fresh-faced cherubs of wonder who bring joy to all who cross their paths. Know what else they bring? Stress. Pre-babe, the Hubs and I rarely had cause to argue. I mean, what to eat on a Friday night was seriously a top 2 contender. And then came baby. Suddenly tongues are a little sharper, tones are a little higher and patience is a little thinner. I’m just sayin’. While most of the time I don’t remember what our bouts are about, I do know that I usually (okay all the time) regret things I’ve said. Just like I hope my little one doesn’t wake up at 4 am again tomorrow, I also hope that during our next “match” I remember that Hubs and I are in the same boat. The same sleepless, weighted down, single-ore vessel that tends to retain water and definitely needs a fresh coat of paint. It may not be pretty, and it may take us a while to get to our destination, but the bottom line is there’s nobody I’d rather be traveling with. Life jacket or not.
In other news, this is a great post I’m thinking of laminating and hanging up in my bathroom – 15 tips for staying married for 15 years. Gems include, “don’t criticize,” “get really good at sex” and “make a husband pact with your friends.” Yup.  

(Vintage-style boxing print via mynameisjz)