Since I seem to be on a shoe kick lately (no pun intended), here is a new seller that I found on Etsy. What adorable, well-made shoes! They are handmade, using recycled car tires for the soles………very cool and green, too. I love the shapes, colors and fabrics. They look like high-end store-bought shoes!

See many more styles at the shoppe: extraseed

I’m pleased to present some new additions to my UmbrellaAve. Etsy shoppe : Fabric gift tags. They’re made from layers of coordinating fabrics and a middle layer of wool felt to give it thickness. They have neat fraying edges and stamped “To & From” sections on the backs. I’ve handwritten “A gift for you” on each of them. Check these out in my Etsy shoppe! They make the perfect addition to any gift. And……….they’re “green”, too!

Why did these turn out sideways? Who knows?! My computer has been doing weird things to me lately.