I started a new job today. It’s just part-time at a local variety store, but since I want to continue all of my crafting pursuits, that’s all I really have time for. I think this place is a better fit than when I worked at the convenience store near my home. That was just too stressful and time-consuming. Besides, I hate carding people, smelling like french fries every day when I come home, and wearing basically the same shirt four to five days a week. To top it off, craft supplies inspire me and this place is full of them. So, yeah………….I like it there so far. And I get to use the price sticker gun (with which I’m obsessed). 😉

Besides gabbing about my new job, I want to share a video that my sister made. It’s a bunch of clips of my crunchy-crunch cousin Ellie + me and my sisters. They usually take tons of photos and videos when she visits, and this music video puts them all together to a song from Napoleon Dynamite. It’s kind of our theme song. So here goes………………..Amanda did a great job on this!