I’m hungry for a gyro……..but that would be 3 in a week……………


Thick slices of perfectly seasoned beef and lamb…….tomatoes……..Soft, squishy pita bread………and the melt-in-your-mouth, run-down-your-hands cucumber sauce. Don’t forget a crunchy dill pickle and if you’re me………..a large bottle of plum tea.

And just so there’s no confusion on how to pronounce it:

Main Entry: Gy·ro
Pronunciation: ˈjī-(ˌ)rō
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural Gyros
Etymology: Gyro International (association)
Date: 1971

I am in love with Re-Ment! In case you’re not familiar with this wonderful collecting phenomenon, Re-Ment is a Japanese brand of realistic-looking miniatures; about the right size for Barbie dolls (1/6 scale). My mom and I were fortunate enough to be allowed to sell the American sets on our website, and for anyone interested, we still have a few available! {www.kindercottagekeepsakes.com} In Japan, Re-Ment are sold in individual sets, sight unseen. You know from the box which collection the set is from, but not the particular set that you will get. They are cheap, therefore kids buy, sell and collect them like baseball cards here in the US.

Most Re-Ment, like the few below, are only available in Asia, so you’ll have to buy them off of ebay, Etsy, or from individual collectors on the web. Following are just a couple of my current favorites.

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Little Twin Stars……….these are popular characters in Japan, similar to Hello Kitty. I think these sets would be adorable displayed with my Riley Kish dolls.

This set must be fairly new, as I’ve never seen it before today! I think it’s called Toy Story Happy Birthday, or something to that effect. There is a lot more to it, but the photos aren’t very good, and I could only find a few on ebay, so they must be rare. You can better pics on the official Re-Ment website HERE. I would love to have an entire collection of these for my DJ Kish!

Yummy looking sandwiches! I bought a set of these off of ebay for myself, but have yet to display them. Someday soon I will have to post some photos of my Re-Ment collection, half of which is displayed in the huge dollhouse collecting dust in my room. I really need to clean it out.

Merry Strawberry Set! How cute is that? Again, I’m thinking of my Kish dolls…….

The sets below are from the collection Cake Shop. I’ve never seen these before, either! Only one person is selling these on ebay {username: cknbb} if you want to look them up. Don’t they just make your mouth water? As my friend Sasha would say, “I need a bib”. Or maybe it’s just because I’m hungry…………