My favorite design from Riordan’s current line
Here’s a new video that I found on Etsy today. I love the world of fashion and designers, so a little peek into this Etsian’s line really intrigued me. I wish that I had the patience to draft adult sized patterns. I used to do it for my Kinder Cottage line for dolls, which were about the same size as a young child’s clothing would be. But drafting patterns for full size people seems too monotonous……maybe someday I’ll change my mind. I love the idea of every other process…… except made-to-order. I much prefer people to buy what I already have. Unless I’m able to make orders for different types of things. If I stick too much to one type of art, I get bored. why do I have to be so finicky? 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life of an independent fashion designer. 🙂

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I have two modcloth ensembles for you today! These would be so fun for a holiday party. 🙂 Enjoy!
Winter Wonderland Ensemble
Dress: Loved and Adorned Dress

Coat: So Sumptuous Coat

Accessories: Unending Angles Tights, Warm Reception Boot, Got It Braid Bag, Lots of Glove For You, and A Modern Fascinator

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Merry and Bright Ensemble

Dress:Down the Block Dress
Coat: Hit the Rose Coat
Accessories: Double Black Diamond Tights, The Eye-catching Heel, Purple Plumage Clutch, Lots of Luxe Gloves, and Fall Market Scarf

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Top: Present Moment top
Cardigan: Architectural Walking Tour Cardigan
Pants: Show Promoter Jeans
Accessories: Circle Scarf of Life, Head in the Stars Hat, Cold Snap Mittens
Shoes: Pefect Photo Op Flat

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I decided to do something a bit different for my ModCloth picks today. I chose favorites from the new additions and made an entire outfit. 🙂

Top: Fleet of Foxes Tunic – New Today
Bottoms: On the Fast Track Pants – Old stock
Shoes: Gentlewoman Chic Flat – Old stock
Accessories: Leaf Catching Scarf & Red Earmuffs found online
Coat: Warmth and Cheer Coat
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Dresses: Friend Me Dress
I love this shirt dress! ModCloth does such a cool job of naming their clothing, giving you the feeling that you know JUST where and how to wear the piece before you even have it in your hands. They create a whole mood, which I’m really drawn to.
ModCloth quote:
“Do you know how many people will want to join your friend network when they get a taste of your amicable personality and super style, as highlighted by this off-white babydoll dress from French designer 2Two? Pretty much everyone! Your charm will shine resplendently through this frock’s freckled stripes, cuff-ready sleeves, cleverly piped front, and buttoned placket and collar. So, connect it with a vintage slip, thigh-high ribbed socks, and whiskey brown booties, and you’ll find your inbox brimming with friend requests”

I love the fabric on this one, as well as the rounded hem and little details.

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Tops: Every Way But Up Top
Very unique and sloppy chic!
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Bottoms: Here We Tango Skirt
This one is from yesterday, but I didn’t see it, so it’s going here. It’s a little over frilly for me, but would be cute with the right pairing.
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Shoes: Traipsing About Town Wedge
Just cool!
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–noun, plural -mans.
1. a woman’s mantle with capelike arm pieces instead of sleeves.
2. a long outer robe worn by Turks.


1575–85; syncopated var. of doliman, dolyman

Dolman sleeves, sometimes called batwing sleeves, are sleeves that are cut deep and wide at the shoulder, with armholes extending almost to the waist. The sleeves taper to the wrist, and when the arms are held outward the fabric hangs in a long wing. Unlike set-in sleeves, dolman sleeves are usually cut as one piece with the top of a dress, blouse, jacket, or coat. Full and roomy, the sweeping sleeve had been used for women’s clothing since around 1910 but reached a peak of popularity in the early 1940s. “

Read more: Dolman Sleeves – Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages

These look like something out of the 80’s or 90’s to me, but it says they were actually popular in the 1940’s. Either way, I like them, especially with the cropped look and sweater material. The print is cute, too. 🙂

photo courtesy of

Here’s a drawing from a 1940’s sewing pattern with dolman sleeves. It seems that we’ve made them a bit more dramatic since then……

And…… Ah-Ha!!!!! When I was looking for the 40’s version of a dolman sleeve, I found THESE……turns out I was right when they reminded me of the 80’s. haha! These are both sewing patterns from that decade.

Yeah, the sleeves on these are a lot more dramatic than on the 40’s version.
And I’m glad to know that I’m not crazy. 😉 At leat not too crazy.
When I came across this adorable necklace last week, I thought, “Wow, that’s neat!” I had been in the mood to try wearing a necktie because I think they’re adorable and interest-sparking fashion accessories……..but I hadn’t quite decided whether one would look (or feel) right on me. So this seemed like the perfect compromise; fashion forward and boyish, yet with a feminine touch.

{So I shamelessly copied}

I really love the way this fabric looks with the skirt I just finished making (more on that later……) and I was trying to find a way to incorporate it into the finished outfit…………..this was the perfect solution. 😀 I have another fabric that would look great with the skirt, too. Maybe another necktie necklace is is order.

A photo of the back because I think it looks cool. 😉