My favorite design from Riordan’s current line
Here’s a new video that I found on Etsy today. I love the world of fashion and designers, so a little peek into this Etsian’s line really intrigued me. I wish that I had the patience to draft adult sized patterns. I used to do it for my Kinder Cottage line for dolls, which were about the same size as a young child’s clothing would be. But drafting patterns for full size people seems too monotonous……maybe someday I’ll change my mind. I love the idea of every other process…… except made-to-order. I much prefer people to buy what I already have. Unless I’m able to make orders for different types of things. If I stick too much to one type of art, I get bored. why do I have to be so finicky? 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life of an independent fashion designer. 🙂

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Take a peek at this great video from Etsy. Dottie Angel is one of my very favorite Etsians and bloggers……….love her house, style and art. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this little peek into her life as much as I have. And if you do……check out her blog and shoppe:


Found on Etsy; by LightFantastic
(One of my very FAVORITE Etsy photographers. And super sweet + helpful too!)

This is my favorite front page treasury they’ve had in a while. The retro forest theme is so cute and refreshing. 😀

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Have you seen those funky pieces of jewelry out there? The ones made with discarded silverware? I love them!

Spoon Ring by SilverSpoonDesigns
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Fork Bracelet by MarchelloArtImage Hosting by

Monogrammed Vintage Spoon Bracelet by BentSpoonJewelry
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Amazing fork cuff by forkwhisperer
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Another beautiful spoon ring, this one by goorsendjewelry
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Spoon Earrings by jjevensen
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Jingle BellZ Knife Necklace by SpoonerZ
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It’s been a while since I’ve done an Etsy post, so why not start up again by featuring my mom’s new shoppe? Before starting out on Etsy, she sold quality, handmade clothing for Himstedts, as did I. You can still buy a few of her ensembles here {KinderCottageKeepsakes}, as well as see past creations.
Her new venture on Etsy is made up mostly of handmade, anime-style, felt dolls. We have decided they are so weird that they’re pretty cute! She also sells upcycled rings made with vintage earrings and buttons, plus fabric covered button earrings. So stop by and look around. She’ll have new items up soon! 🙂

Another sneak peek at what I’ve been working on for the art show. 2 more weeks!!!

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What wonderful pieces of art! I just love them; they would be so perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Even my room! There are many more pieces in her shoppe, so stop by and take a look……. 🙂

I love these dresses by Michelle Tan. They have such nice darts and curves. The pleats on the green dress are really flattering. 😀

Since I seem to be on a shoe kick lately (no pun intended), here is a new seller that I found on Etsy. What adorable, well-made shoes! They are handmade, using recycled car tires for the soles………very cool and green, too. I love the shapes, colors and fabrics. They look like high-end store-bought shoes!

See many more styles at the shoppe: extraseed