It was such a lovely spring day, that my family and I decided to walk down to the creek behind our house. We like to roam around among the trees and get close to the water now and then, but today we just walked up and down the hill leading there. 3 times. It was good exercise, I got some pretty snapshots, and I was thoroughly hot and more sweaty than I’d like to be, by the time we finished. I don’t like to get hot, but there was a nice breeze and it smelled so good outside after a long winter indoors.
Here are a few snapshots I’d like to share. The last three were taken of my favorite outdoor cat, Bunny. He’s the cutest thing ever……….don’t you agree? All of our darlings were enjoying the sunshine and being cozy with my sisters. I think they’re glad that winter is over, too.

Path down to the creek………….doesn’t look so bad………….

Path back up……….hard on the legs

A nice silhouette
Basking in the sun….
Contented Kitten

“Hi! Look at me!”