Never cared for Matthew McConaughey even though he comes from my stomping grounds.  A grown man shouldn’t outta spend his time doing stoner flicks and romantic comedies.  And he’s notorious for taking his shirt off & the south is stocked full of guys like him trying to impress girls.

But I’ve seen some of his more recent stuff – a few episodes of True Detective and saw a video of his Oscar speech that’s made me reevaluate him.

In his presentation he talked about how he never saw himself today but who he could be down the road – How ‘hero’ is unattainable but it’s not unchasable and his speech spoke to what I’ve been feeling for a long time.

Who I am is always around the bend, atop the next mountain, and through the bottomlands.  It’s what keeps me going and forward bound.  And it’s made me realize that I am an inspiration to some.  And some of them want to walk with us on the West Coast and we’d love your company.

Walk a mile.  Walk a day.  Walk a week to show your solidarity in this story – contact Valerie K to schedule and coordinate. She’s been inspired and in training to come out to walk with us for a week.

You’re a hero.  Now chase it.