A Hudson and Indiana Joint

Finally after bringing the bitter and brutal weather down south from one of the snowiest and coldest Northeastern winters I’ve been in, we got a break in the weather and took advantage of it at Chickasaw State Park.

Hudson and Indiana and I spent the past half week there training and they did great.  We’ve been hiking in all sorts of conditions and terrains but the working relationships will be markedly different  than with Hudson and Murphy and me.   More on that later…


We’re Back in the Tent Again (Cue Aerosmith)

The fuzzybutts and I have spent a night or two in our tent now and then but now we’re ramping up to the six or seven nights per week for our West Coast Walk.  

When camping out, our world is framed within 7’x9′ ripstop nylon walls and that’s all we really need.  Base camp is our sanctuary and the official Offices of Snuggles and Snuggles no matter where we’re at.  


For the Love of Loblolly’s 

The Chickasaw Forest has acres and acres of pine trees and when we had a moment to rest, my favorite place to repose was in a grove of Loblolly’s.  

When there’s a decent wind, there’s nothing like lying on your back watching and listening as they sway in legato like the lilt of an Indian flute.  

Yer Big Dog’s Notes 1: I’ve been here before on Walk 1.  The stretch from Memphis to Nashville TN was treacherous and rife with challenges from 64 to Whiteville, 100 to Mousetail, and 412 on to Columbia and 31.  

YBD’s Notes 2:  And there’s a wonderful Mennonite bakery off of 64 that we stopped at on Walk 1.   I was so hungry and I bought a pound of their roasted garlic cheese but alas, they no longer sell it.