I’d say it’s high time for another Etsian of the week. Things have been so busy around here, stocking the shoppe, visiting with friends, stopping by graduations…………I haven’t had much time to update the old blog. So here goes!
Etsian of the week
Tush Tush
I just love these tiny canvas prints. They’re mounted on a wood frame……..and oh so cute!
This one is my favorite: “Life”

My blog has been quiet for a while now, so I thought I would share some pics of the projects I’ve been working on. Below you can see my first Re-Ment display which is for sale on my Etsy shoppe. The display is made from an old (and tiny) board book. I glued some of the “pages” together and covered the resulting walls in scrapbook paper. The edges are covered with narrow ribbon and a nice felt is attached to the back and bottom. I think this set turned out really well, and I’m hoping to make some more soon. Each of the miniature sets is also available separately on my website, so check them out if you have the chance. http://www.kindercottagekeepsakes.com/ — And click on the link marked Re-Ment!

Japanese Picnic “Room”

Strawberry Shortcake “Room”

Here’s a quick view of a more simple Re-Ment display. Also sold on my Etsy shoppe, it’s made from a hand folded paper box and holds one set of miniatures. They are all glued in and the resulting shadow box is ready to set anywhere. I thought of putting a hanger on the back………maybe next time.

I wanted to share my favorite new blog, which has taken up so much of my computer time recently. I cannot seem to pull myself away from the screen and stop looking at each and every one of her lovely and enviable clothing photos.
I first found Emily’s blog last week after buying a wonderful art print from her Etsy shoppe. She has a very nice art blog, which led me to this one:
Some Girls Wander By Mistake. If you love artsy, vintage-y, unique clothing and shoes, be sure to visit. You won’t be disappointed! And stop by her Etsy shoppe as well: The Black Apple.

All photos in this post were borrowed from Some Girls Wander and are the copyright of Emily Martin 2009

My featured Etsian for the week is Sascalia. She has some wonderfully winsome artwork in her shop. I love the fact that these are all mixed media, with beautiful papers and other objects creating most of the picture. They are sold as a print on wood, which really adds to the end effect. Check out her other items…………they are very affordable and so cute!

“Three Wise Owls”

“Lila and the Bird”

L’Arbre D’Amour

“Just Thinking”

“Friends Are Magical”


“Autumn Glow”
Umbrella Love. I’m obessing over umbrellas………and want to share some of my favorite pics of them………..all found on Etsy. Umbrellas make me happy.