Here are two little lovelies that I just had to share.
You can click on either photo for a close-up. 🙂
Blooming Apple Blossoms and a Pale Moon

I thought the scene of our beautiful blooming apple tree with a pale moon behind, was just so enchanting that I had to snap a photo yesterday evening. The only problem with this pic is that you can see the road and telephone wires behind. But there’s no way around those. 😉
I just love spring time and the beauties all around me. God really knew what He was doing when He said “Let there be………”


This magazine photo is just the best! I love the contrasting deep blue and light green colors, the awesome vintagy wallpaper in the entry way, cozy book shelves and hat boxes stacked above the door, as well as the amazing ceiling. The wood floors and retro orange couch are perfect, too. I want my house to look like this someday — cozy and homey.