I’ve been waiting to post these photos for a while now, and am finally getting around to it. But first, a little story. 😉
My grandparents (on my dad’s side) have FINALLY moved out of their horrible, disintegrating little house in the country, and into a very nice apartment in town. It has been long-overdue. This all happened several weeks ago, and my parents went down to help them clean some things out of their old house. A lot of the relatives were there dividing things up amongst themselves; things that grandma no longer wanted or needed. My mom got in on all of the good stuff and brought home at least two boxes that were stuffed to the top and overflowing. The best treasure…….this dresser drawer filled with vintage containers (both plastic and glass), which in turn, were filled with antique buttons. Most of these were my great grandma’s. WOW! It took a lot of sorting, throwing away of things that were unusable, and cleaning (everything had been neglected and was SUPER dirty…..see pics ;), but we finally ended up with a box full of buttons and beads to be split between my mom, me and two sisters at a later time.
Another treasure that Mom brought home was a box with fabric and aprons. Each of us girls got to choose an apron and the fabric was divided between Alayna and I mostly. I’ll have to post pics of my fabric pile at a later date. 🙂
For now, I hope you enjoy these before and after photos of our buttons, and other miscellaneous stuff gleaned from Grandma’s house. 🙂
This bag and box are both full of fabric, with aprons laying on top.

More fabric, patterns, zippers and other miscellaneous stuff.

The button drawer!

Every container was full of buttons…….yummy. 🙂

Gross! Look at all of that dirt……..

The buttons all washed and laying out to dry.

Ooops…….where did this “before” photo sneak in from?

Some of the really pretty buttons. 🙂

(Top) Brooch made of tiny colored shells
(Middle) Clip-on earring with blue leaves
(Bottom) Clip-on earring – my favorite
Gold satin hat with veil and large bow. Lovely.

Cherry/burgandy velour hat with veil, ribbon and bead/button trims.Long white gloves – also vintage – button at wrist

Cream hat with black veil and vinyl bow
Vintage compact