Well, this is my first post about me in a while. 😉 I have been busy with Umbrella Ave. and work, even though very neglectful of the poor little blog. I hope you’ll all forgive me when I show you some peeks at what I’ve been working on. I’ve decided to add a new line of miniature stuffed animals to my shoppe. They won’t premiere until the art show in November (wait………I didn’t post about the art show?…….wow, I really have been neglectful), but I want to show a few photos here. These are only progress shots of my newest stuffie addition, but you can see the other animals I’ve made in the last photo. These will be sold separately in little jars with lids. The inspiration came from the last issue of Where Women Create, which I will try to post photos of next week. Don’t hold your breathe, though. I would hate for anyone to pass out while waiting for me to get in gear. 😉

Lovely spools of thread which were used in my new line of embroidered footwear art.

(see last photo)

Cluttered workspace

The stuffies are completely sewn by hand with reproduction fabrics!

3 new lines: Owl-themed mirror necklaces, Vintage Stuffies & embroidered footwear art


As promised, here are the rest of my fair photos! I just love the look and idea of old fair and circus stands, rides, etc. The lights, colors and vintage styling are so appealing! I just wish I’d have thought to take a couple of shots of some cotton candy or my funnel cake. 🙁 I guess I was too busy stuffing my face with it.

My favorite ride, and one of the only rides I’ll go on. How pathetic.

I had quite the tine with my camera, trying to get it to take good shots in the dark, with motion and little light bulbs everywhere. But I finally ended up with some shots I was happy with. And more of them turned out than I had first thought………….

And of course I had to capture some carousel shots. These were a lot easier, because there was a long period when no one was riding it.

Everything at the county fair is pretty old and beat-up, but I think that adds a bit of quaint, old-fashioned charm. 🙂

I normally don’t spend much time looking at the 4H animals, but we seemed to have more leisure time this year. It was fun getting some photos of them.

One of the sheep being sheared. I didn’t get to see it actually happening, though. The poor thing looked really scared with that bright light in its eyes.

How cute are these two? It’s like they were posing for me.

Someone had better feed this calf before he eats the baby! ;P

I love this pic. Look, it’s Wilbur!

This little boy let us pet his rabbit!

These flower pot scarecrows were set up all over the fairgrounds. What a cute idea!!

Last but not least, a few of the other projects I thought were worth showing. My sisters entered a few drawings and paintings. April’s is the one with the little girl making cookies {top right-hand corner} and Alayna entered the tiger, rose and the two paintings on canvas.

Someone’s painting of Rhianna. It looks just like her!

I saw this one the day I went to enter my projects, and thought, “I’ll bet that painting wins.” Sure enough! How amazing………..