Kind of LOVING this room. The lines of the coffee table juxtaposed with the chair, and the height difference between the sofa and lamp is brillllliant. Oh and that photo. Something about the texture of it just speaks to me. Kind of the way brownies after a bootcamp workout do. Mmmmm, brownies.

(image first seen on Design Sense)

I love me some shelves. Especially when they look like this. And I don’t know what that glorious storage container on the floor is all about, but I want one. Someday my home will again look this organized (and white), and this photo gives me the hope. Get it? Heh.

(image via Moss + Mirrors)

The train in this room reminds me of my own house. Minus the 7,368 other toys. And check those floors – half straight planks half chevron. Thoughts? My inner OCD demands the table and chairs line up perfectly over the seam, but then again, my house has 7,368 toys on the floor so clearly my OCD is wasted.

(image via Emmas)